Is adoption for you?

143 Million Orphans

Img_1559[1]The numbers are staggering – 143 million orphans scattered across the globe. Many wait behind orphanage doors, crying themselves to sleep each night. Others are alone, spending their days searching for food and shelter with no one to look to for love or protection. Infants, abandoned in the streets or on orphanage steps, with no one to hold them close or hear their cries for comfort. Even in our own country children bounce from one temporary placement to another, wondering when someone will step forward and say they are valuable and worthy of love.


The realities are harsh, but we serve a God of hope and possibility. As their Heavenly Father, He knows each one of those children by name and dries their tears each night. He sees their pain and listens to their prayers for love, for a family and a future.

Is there room in your heart for a little child?

IMG_0588[1]Adoption is a beautiful picture of the Gospel in our world. God reached out to us in our despair and need and offered us a family and a future through our adoption in Christ. We too can reach out to a hurting child and say, there is a family for you where you belong.

“Whom shall I send…” (Is. 6:8)

The call of God is not for the special few. Throughout Scripture we see His heart for the orphan and if we belong to Jesus Christ, we cannot turn away. If you hear God’s still small voice asking you to surrender and sacrifice for one of these children, we challenge to you respond to Him, “Here am I; send me.”